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Chelsey and Ryan

Historic Stone Arch Bridge!

Featured in "The Knot"

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Brenda and Jerome

Munsenger Flower Garden

on the Mississippi River!

Just Beautiful ! !

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Marin and Liam

Lakeside Wedding!

Serene Breeze......

Walker, Minnesota


St. Anthony Main Event Center

Everything in one fabulous place !

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Any country setting has the potential to make a beautiful wedding venue.

You won't believe what a few bales of straw can do !

Central Minnesota

Lisa and John

Butterfly Wedding on Lawn!

Look at her boquet !

Monarchs everywhere!

Crosby, Minnesota

Bruce and Darryl

Cabin in the North Woods!

Wonderful !

Moose Lake, Minnesota

Rachel and Cody

AAAA Theater Wedding!

Very Dramatic ! :)

Alexandria, Minnesota

Carrie and Wes

The Maratime Museum !

Glamorous Nautical Theme ~

Alexandria, Minnesota

De and Charlie

25 Year Wedding Anniversary!

St. Joseph, Minnesota

Bridal Show Vendor


Jodi and Jeremy

Country Church Charming !

Monticello, Minnesota

Jessica and James

Classy Gountry Club

Ceremony just off the Greens and River!

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Kenzie and Jason

Shabby Sheek Wedding on the Farm !

Simply Gorgeous !

Osakis, Minnesota

Ashley and Erick

Beautiful Wedding in a Barn !

The Barn at Dunvilla !

Dunvilla, Minnesota

There can be great joy in

celebrating the life of those

we love...even after they are gone.

Funerals can be celebrations of love !

Happy Summer Bridesmaids!

Summer weddings can be held anywhere your imagination takes you!

Consider a Winter Wedding !

Winter weddings are stunning and can reduce your expenses significantly. And where better to plan a winter wedding than Minnesota !

Call Deanna to discuss your plans and learn about all the options for your ceremony ~ 320-259-5762 ~

St. Cloud, Minnesota